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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Magento Security Scan tool - New feature

Finally good news from Magento team!!!


Magento itself introduced "Magento Security Scan" allows you to monitor your site(s) for known security risks from patches updates to malware and unauthorized access. Security tool is FREE for merchants and developers.

So what you need:

Simple, you need an account in Magento and voila, you are good to go:

After successful account creation, just go to the scanner tool section in my account to play with it. You can add a number of websites, configure and scan those automatically on scheduled time. Also there is option to do a manual run in the websites listing page. You will get a detailed report once the scanner is completed.

You will need to verify the website in order to add the website into the scanner. For this, follow below:

 Just try it out guys!!!

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